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Q... What are the signs made of?
A... Our signs are made from a waterproof wood composite that holds the paint, will not absorb water, and will not rot. We also use teak, fir,  or mahogany  with a stain and varnish finish that will show off the wood grain as well as the gold leaf.  
We also make economical utlity signs using computer cut vinyl on a pvc substrate.

Q... What finish do you put on the signs?
A... We finish the signs with two primer coats followed by three coats of ''One Shot'' sign enamel similar to a marine yacht enamel in its durability and ability to resist this area's ravages of sun and salt air. We also coat the signs with Meguiars fine car wax, which you can continue to do. Refer to next FAQ.

Q... Is there any maintenance?
A... A care sheet comes with your sign. You can maintain the finish by waxing the background color with car wax or carnauba based wax of your choice. Just remember to follow the directions on the care sheet and avoid waxing the gold leaf. This is done by using a soft cloth wrapped around your forefinger and polishing around  the gold letters and numbers.

Q... Do you use gold paint or gold leaf?
A... We use genuine 23 carat gold leaf.

Q... What colors are available?
A... Any color is available. The standard colors are black, dark green, dark blue, maroon, plus any color you may see on the website if you call or email your request. Custom colors are ordered by sending a color chip, or painted sheet of heavy paper. We use our special paints to match your color. The upcharge for this service is $75

Q... What is the turn around time?
A... Most signs take about 6-8 weeks. Custom signs take a few weeks longer. Please order early for Holiday gifts. If the sign has due date; please make a note on the order or give us a call.

Q... Do you ship anywhere?
A... We ship world wide. Call for delivery charges. The small oval signs are under 4 pounds and can ship anywhere for under $30.

Q... How are the signs installed?
A... The oval house numbers come with installation studs imbedded in the back of the sign for ease of hanging against a wall or post. The easy to follow instructions are included. You will need a 1/4 inch drill and silicone type caulk. After the sign is up, the hardware will not show. Below is a helpful graphic. If your sign is free swinging, you will need to opt for the 'hanging from a post option'. The sign will come with eyelets in the top edge and the back of the sign will be finished with plain color only. See next FAQ for two sided option. The stud mounting system is good for Stucco, Hardie Board, Clapboards, Shingles, Vinyl siding, Brick, Concrete, Cinderblock, and Stone Veneer. For an irregular stone wall, a mounting board may have to go on first. (call for details)

Q... May I have a two sided sign?
A... Two sided signs cost 70 percent more than one sided signs. Please call to order. They come with eyelets in the top edge and a bracket if needed. See next FAQ

Q... Are brackets available for hanging a sign off a post?
A...  Yes. You may order sign brackets from this website. Go to the home page and click on 'Sign Brackets'.

Q... Are stakes available?
A... Yes. Stakes are black iron 38 long by 1/2 inch x 3/4 inch, costing $35. All you need to do is set the stake in the ground and attach the sign with the nuts that come with it. The sign should end up about knee high. Please
order under sign brackets or call us at 800 547 4467.

Q... How do I have a picture painted for my sign?
A... You can send in a photo or a clipping from a magazine to be copied by our artist. The picture is copied by hand using the same oil paints that we use to paint our signs.

Q... May I order a gift certificate?
A... Yes.  There is a category on this website marked "Gift Certificates"  where you can order any amount in 50 dollar increments or you can call to order a gift certificate for a particular sign.

Q... May I get an applique or motif custom made?
A... Yes. If you give us a call or send us an email of what you would like, we can work with you to make up a proof.