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Gift Certificate
The Certificate will be sent to the shipping address you give, along with our brochure. A receipt will be sent to your email address. To order just select the amount you want in the drop down menu. The first number is the amount you will pay, ex $200.00( $150.00 add'l) means the gift card will be for $200. You can fill in names for the "To" and "From" boxes or leave them blank and write them in later, when you receive the certificate. There is no refund available, but there is also no time limit on when they must be redeemed. If the paper is lost, no problem, we keep a record under the name of the purchaser. Gift certificates can be used to make online purchases.... please add the donors name in the comments section so that we can look up the amount to credit. ::::::::Please make sure to fill in ALL the boxes to place your order.:::::::

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Unit Price:$50.00