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Name or Number Oval with Engraved Motif
**Please understand that on the 8"x12" size, the lettering will be quite small, and if there is a lot of lettering we will suggest a larger size.*** We can carve anything from flowers to trees or buildings, please describe what you would like in the designated box. One name or number can be placed along the top edge and another along the bottom (ie: Smith / 13458 or Grant/ Welcome). Numbers, letters, edge and motif can be finished in 23k gold leaf or metallic silver finish. If you select a custom color, please send us a swatch or sample. This sign is available with hidden hardware and instructions for mounting to a wall or eye hooks for hanging from a post. You can purchase a bracket or ground stake for your sign by clicking on ''Sign Brackets'' on this website. When doing so, please select "Sign Shop Bracket'' in the box under ''attachments". Please check the homepage for shipping lead times. :::::::PLEASE NOTE:::::: IF THE ORDER YOU ARE PLACING IS FOR CHRISTMAS, PLEASE ORDER ASAP AND LET US KNOW IT IS NEEDED BY CHRISTMAS IN THE COMMENT SECTION WHEN YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER ****For double sided signs, please give us a call at 800.547.4467. Please keep in mind a double sided sign will cost 75% more******

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Unit Price:$425.00