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Oval with Hand-painted image
Please note: The smaller the sign the less likely we will be able to do a detailed image. Larger sizes are the ones to get if you would like entire scene or we are working from photographs. If you have a question about what size you will need, please give us a call before placing your order. When ordering your sign, enter the name or name and address to be arced along the top and bottom of the oval. You can add a date on the right side with 'Est.', etc. on the left, or leave this blank. There are three ways to indicate the center picture: 1. Choose one that you see on this website, 2. Email a picture you have to, 3. Add a description of what you would like, and we will contact you with proofs. We do pets, house pictures, flowers, seascapes and landscapes. Some pictures with lots of detail could add to the cost. Before we start, you will be sent a proof for your approval. Call or email if you need help or suggestions... 800 547 4467. Signs typically take about 4-6 weeks. But please note that larger signs, double sided signs, or detailed images could take a bit longer. If you would like a double sided sign, please give us a call.

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